Electrical Safety Inspections

Serving the Towns of Naperville, Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego & Plainfield & the Greater Kane, DuPage & Will Counties

It is always wise to know what the condition of your home’s electrical system is in. We all want to keep ourselves and our families safe from harm. That is why Lewis Electric & Contracting is the electrical safety contractor homeowners trust to keep their homes electrically safe.

At Lewis Electric & Contracting, our electricians specialize in inspecting, repairing and troubleshooting residential electrical systems. Many homeowners feel electrical inspections are an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, most homeowners overlook the necessity of electrical safety inspections to the point that electrical hazards may arise.

Your electrical safety is one of our highest priorities, and you can rest assured that our certified electrical inspection contractors will do a diligent job of assessing your home’s electrical system. Our team will make sure that your home’s electrical system is working properly, safely and efficiently, saving you money in the long run and ensuring that your home and family are safe.

What Is An Electrical Inspection?

The leading cause of property damage is electrical issues. Unsafe electrical wiring can lead to electrocutions, house fires, and other unsafe living conditions. Under the Electrical Inspection Bureau only a licensed electrician can perform an electrical inspection due to the risk for electric shock and fire hazards.

Items Covered in the Electrical Inspection:

  • The electrical service lines
  • Grounding & bonding
  • Service panel & distribution panel
  • The presence of GFCI & AFCI circuit breakers
  • Testing of electrical power outlets
  • Inspection of electrical wires, systems, and components
  • Identifying common electrical mistakes
  • spotting oversized fuses that could lead to fires
  • Recognizing outdated wiring
  • Property Inspection

Electrical Safety Services We Provide:

  • Electrical Inspection
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Testing
  • Electrical Repair