Electrical Trouble Shooting


When a switch doesn’t work or a light flickers in the darkness, it’s not just inconvenient — it can be downright dangerous. Electrical trouble shooting is the best way to determine what’s wrong with your wiring, and it takes an expert to pinpoint the exact problem. Lewis Electric has the staff you need to put your electrical components back in order, so you can get back to your regularly scheduled home life.

Putting Safety First

Even the most trained electrician can’t assume they know everything, which is why we do the necessary research before tackling the problem. We look at the exact voltage and temperature readings, which may identify the complication. Whether it’s technical documentation, the homeowner’s personal accounts, or experience with a similar problem, our staff takes the time to understand the quirks of your wiring and to isolate the problem areas first before attempting to fix it.

Testing After the Repair

You can trust Lewis Electric to repair overloaded circuit breakers, problem three-way switches, outdated smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, and faulty circuits. Once we’ve corrected the problem though, we do quality assurance on our work to ensure you and your family stay safe. We don’t just test the problem area, we test the entire system so we know that there’s no danger to the surrounding wiring or electrical equipment. Then we take it one step further with an even deeper analysis. Our goal is not just to fix the direct cause, but to correct the underlying problems, so you never have to worry about an unexpected black-out or short-circuit in the future.

Faulty wiring is not a cosmetic flaw, but a serious issue that needs to be addressed quickly. Count on our staff to trouble shoot the problem for a speedy repair.

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